Civil Internet – Vision


Map the Civil Internet

In response to this problem, the intention is to:

  1. Build a set of values that celebrate and safeguard: civility, objective universal truth, and human-guided content curation.
  2. Build a map of internet destinations (platforms, blogs, profiles, creators, communities, and individuals) who implicitly or explicitly align with these values.

Users of the map are responsible for holding each other accountable and abiding by certain behaviors (and anti-behaviors). Content and interactions should be thoughtful (not rushed), constructive (not destructive), and objective (no unsubstantiated claims). Content and interactions should be free of ridicule (be kind), irony (say what you mean), cynicism (ideas vs unfounded skepticism), and hate (refine anger into something productive).

This project is not-for-profit, and will not advertise or support commercial interests. The map will be read-only for the the world. Contributors with established reputations, as evaluated and maintained by peer review, will be able to share, interact, and moderate.


Most humans are good, meaning, respectful of the golden rule. Most humans who aren’t have the capacity to independently discover why being good is important. Most humans want to be well and would prefer if everyone around them was well too.

The internet is perfectly capable of facilitating this more than it does today. The Civil Internet Project was created for this reason.


Follow the Wikipedia model. A group of volunteers will work to custody this website, the values, and the map of the sincere internet. The group works to serve the map, which exists to serve humanity.

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